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Our specially designed treadmills for commercial fitness centers, hotels & resorts, clubs houses, corporate & institutions, government organizations and home, make exercises an enjoyable experience. Each of these best treadmills in India provides a low-impact and stable running surface that regulates to every step made by you. Motorized Treadmill We are offering our customers with a wide range of motorized treadmills, designed to fulfill the requirements of gyms, fitness clubs and other health centers. These motorized treadmills are expertly manufactured using the top quality materials under the proper direction of our experienced team. Examined on different parameters, these motorized treadmills are available to customers at reasonable rates. Gym Treadmills With dedication and sincere effort, we are able to produce the high quality Gym treadmills for sale. These set of treadmills are designed for jogging purposes. They have stable running surface that adjusts every walk of you. These products come with a timer and calorie reduced display as well. They are certified with a number of quality features. AC Treadmill We are known among the best treadmill suppliers that offers you a wide range of AC treadmill. These equipments are highly admired by our customers for its long-lasting life and low maintenance features. AC treadmill is smartly manufactured with quality materials to match the global standards. Moreover, AC treadmills come at very affordable price. Treadmill For Health Club Achieving fitness has become a main concern now a day and we understand it very well. We design our products smartly to match your health routine. Treadmill for health club with state of the art designs enhances the experience of exercises. Music and video is installed to encourage the awareness of health fitness. For maximum influence, it must be delivered clearly. If you are looking for new technology, user-friendly features and high-performance treadmills, then these products are good choice for you. Our treadmills for sale are compact and durable. They give great value for money. All our products are high in quality and built to last. In addition, our after-sales service ensure you that you will not have a problem to install or maintain these machines. Get in touch with us, our fitness experts will assure you that you will have a great buying experience. Specifiactions MOTOR CONTROL : AC Drive Solid State (Sensor Less Vector Control DRIVE MOTOR : AC 4.5 H.P. 220 volts 3 Phase Treadmill duty motor designed specially for treadmill with superior cooling characterstics SPEED RANGE : 0-18km/hr.(in 01 kmph increments) WORKOUT PROGRAMS : 10-pre-set programs(including speed & elevetion)
Specifiactions ELECTROMAGNATIC BREAK SYSTEM CONTINUE DISPLAY HAND PULSE 20 LEVELS QUICK START PRESET PROGRAM RECHET SEAT ADJUSTMENT LOW NOISE BELT TRANSMISSION BOTTEL HOLDER DESIGN FOR ANTI-DUST AND EASY MAINTENANCE H1300mm, L 1245mm, W 600mm DISPLAY : TIME, DISTANCE, SPEED, CALORIES, WATT, RPM, PULSE. gymequipments manufacturer in delhi, gym equipments suppliers in delhi, gym equipments manufacturer, gym suppliers , best gym equipments manufacturer in delhi
Nortus Fitness manufactures "Smith Machine" with Fully adjustable spring action safety catch / stopper, Built-in Olympic weight storage and more features that allows users to experience an effective workout, Quickly and efficiently.
The sauna has very low humidity which means it can be much hotter than a steam bath. Saunas are usually between 176°F (80°C) and 212°F (100°C) with low humidity +/-10%, while a steam bath is usually around 104°F (40°C) to 116°F (46°C) with a relative humidity of around 100% If it would be any hotter in a steam bath it would feel too hot or even scald your skin. Specifiactions Fixed 45minutes of heating time. Digital disply for temperature. Heating status LED indicating. Self-diagnostic function and error message disply. Lack-water and over-heat protection Time range:45minutes Temperatur display range:6-60C(43-140F) Temperature adjustment range:35-55C(95-131F)
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Our happy clients using stairfit machine by nortus fitness. We are the first manufacturer in asia to provide you complete range of fitness equipments in india. The stairfit from nortus fitness focuses on you glutes, hamstrings, your lower body as well as upper body including abs.